Handball is a ballsport and a team sport. It is many rules in handball, but the most importent to dont kick the ball with your legs. Handball is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each. Six outfield players and a goalkeeper.  You need to use your hand to throw the ball into the goal of the other team. It is two periods of 30 minutes, and the team that scores more goals wins.


The most important Rules:


  • You can take three steps without dribbling the ball.
  • Don`t touch the ball with your legs or with your feet.
  • If you don`t attackt in 30 sec when you are up to the other team goal the judge can give the ball to the other team.

My Hobby!

My hobby is being outside, and that’s for a reason! The outdoors is something different, something wonderful, and something that clears your mind when your stressed. It’s also great fun! There is endless possibilities out in the nature! You can build anything, do anything and more! Its just a great way to get away from the stress these days. usually when i’m outside i bicycle, go boating or even just exploring, and i have always loved exploring and studying the nature. it’s a thing that i love. i also like riding on my dirtbike, and it is one of the funniest things there is!

My Gaming Spare Time

Gaming in my spare time!?

In my spare time I like to play videgames because I think its funny and it makes the time pass if im waiting on something and I dont want to wait, then I go up on my room or beeing in the living room with my phone, but in my room I might as well do other stuff! What I do in my room could be listening to music or make music, gaming, watching tv or beeing on social media like facebook, snapchat, youtube or twitter and sometimes instagram! When I play videogames it could hapen sometimes that I make videoes out of them and when im done playing and done recording I open up my editing program and start edit my video of the «Gameplay» I just made, gameplay means the video you have made out of you playing, and upload it on my youtube channel! I started playing games when I was only 2/3 years old! My first games I played was clasics like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon, Sly Cooper and RaymanJ

The Youtube Channel I started I started it with my bestfriend Sander 😉 I getting fooled around with it on my school, but i dont care, this is what me and my friend thinks is fun, some day we want to be pro youtubers like mostly others around the world!

Thats all for now peeps see you around –Alex–


Fast food and health

Grabbing fast food on the go is normal, special in America. In almost every town, there is a chain that sells fast food. Fast food is  food witch is served very quickly in a resturant, cafè or kiosk. Normal fast food is hamburger, fries and a beverage. The fast food is kept warm or it is reheated. Fast food is not healthy. Fast food contains fat, calories, sugar and carbohydrates. America is the homeland of fast food, and an average American eats fast food like fries or hamburgers three to four times a week.

In the 1980s a slow food movement was founded. They believes that the food we eat should be produced in a good way that does not harm the environment or uour health. Slow food means eateingt healthier food. The meaing about slow food that you should enjoy the coocking process. It also means that we should keep old food traditions alive.

Fast food is not healthie at all. It is much fat, sugar, calories and carbohydrates. Slow food is much healthier, and you are keeping the old traditions alive. Choose slow food insted of fast food.

Fast Food And Health

You have most likely heard of fast food, the food that was born in the US, and here’s what i’ve learnt about it.

  1. There is actually started a slow food movement against fast food! it was founded around the 1980’s by Carlo Petrini, and is targeted towards people that eat fast food, and convincing them to make and enjoy their own food.
  2. Around 96% of all American children know who Ronald McDonald is, thats a lot!
  3. An average American eats a big prtion three to four times a week, think about that before you buy your next McDonalds meal.
  4. Not only does America have problems with overweight, japan which had on of the most healthies traditional foods has also experienced overweight.

So these are just a few things that i didn’t know about before. just think about that next time you buy a fast food meal!


5 resons why people choose to be a vegetarian!

  1. To get a good health.
  2. Some of religious say you  can`t eat meat.
  3. Don`t want to kill animals.
  4. Though they can`t eat meat.
  5. They thought we need to be vegetarian, because after some years it`s don`t gone be meat to everyone.

Why do people become vegetarians?

  1. It could be free. Even though in many countries its expensive, you can totally grow vegetables for free, things like corn, pees, tomatoes ,and so on is pretty easy to grow and doesent require much experience.
  2.  A better health. Even though you need fat from red meet, you can also get it from vegetables, tomato, some pees and a potatoe is a very healthy meal that doesent have any bad sides.
  3. You know what’s in your food. Buying food like hamburgers from store could be a bit tricky, because of bad informations about the product, however if you are a vegetarian, you won’t eat products with bad information and unhealty additives added in the meat.
  4. It’s simple, fresh and good. You might think that being a vegetarian is boring because you loose all the cool


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